The Lowcountry Community Concert Band (LCCB) is sponsored by University of South Carolina Beaufort's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). The annual membership is $40, on a "rolling" basis, meaning that you can join or renew at any point in the year. Your membership will run 365 days from your date of joining or your date of renewal.

Membership in LCCB requires you to be a member of OLLI.

Low Country Community Concert Band

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at USCB (USCB)




  • Being a part of a prestigious national OLLI program

  • Affiliated with the University of South Carolina



  • Ability to process gifts and provide tax credit letters to donors as an educational system/entity

  • Financial accounting and gift processing

  • Access to possible Grant funding

  • Receive instruments from USC periodically as they cycle old to new



  • USCB/OLLI Website presence

  • Concert promotions to OLLI members in classes and other OLLI communications

  • OLLI E-News blast to 1500+ OLLI members and 6,000 community partners and neighbors

  • Designated space in OLLI Curriculum Guides – mailed to all members each term

  • Concert Ads provided in Bluffton Today, and other publications

  • Access to USCB graphics department—set up and printed our business cards free of charge.



  • Unlimited, free copying for LCCB music library  

  • Ordering of new music by the administrative coordinator at our request

  • Printing

  • Storage for music library and instruments

  • Use of Hargray Bldg and tables, chairs for band social get-togethers, gathering supply support



  • $40 per year—fee waived for high school and college students

  • Access to OLLI classes, events and trips

  • Access to USCB’s campus library and research ($10 fee if not an OLLI member)

  • Participation in OLLI’s Lowcountry concert band

  • Discount tickets to USCB Chamber Music Series

  • Discount meals at USCB dining halls

  • Discount fees for continuing education courses

  • USCB Parking pass decal for parking ($25.00 fee if not OLLI member)

Registration fee for classes:  Summer classes are free.  $120 for unlimited number of classes or 1-2 session classes for $12 for entire course; 3 or more sessions for $20 for entire class}

Any active member of OLLI, regardless of age or years of playing or level of experience, who is interested in the purposes of the LCCB may be considered a candidate for band membership.


  • Each member shall have the right to one vote at membership meetings. This right shall cease upon termination of OLLI or LCCB membership

  • Each members shall have the right to attend and actively participate in LCCB social functions.

  • Each member shall have the right to participate on LCCB standing and ad-hoc committees.

  • Each member shall have the right to attend and participate in Advisory Committee and committee meetings. They do not have the right to vote at these meetings.

  • Each member is encouraged to positively contribute both musically and administratively to the success of LCCB. Administrative contributions may include serving on the Advisory Committee or a committee of the Advisory Committee, or otherwise providing assistance to further the purposes of the LCCB.