President's Newsletter

September 17, 2021

Greetings fellow LCCBers,


I have really big news! Our plans for a holiday concert are GO!

Three days ago, we were able to obtain a rehearsal room on the USCB Bluffton Campus for Tuesdays, 7 to 9 pm, beginning on Sept 28 and going thru Dec. The Advisory Council met last night to discuss the implications of this wonderful news. We’ve decided to attempt an OUTDOOR concert on the University campus on Sunday afternoon Dec 5 at 3 pm, with a raindate of Dec 11 at 3 pm.

The rehearsal room is in the Campus Center where we used to rehearse before the move to May River High School. The room has been expanded, but percussion storage is still an issue. More on that later.

As per the discussion last night, the following protocols are in effect. There is a mask mandate and social distancing on campus (although you cannot go up to someone and tell them to mask up). For rehearsals, we expect everyone to wear a mask when not playing your instrument (or wear an instrument mask if you have one). The rehearsal room is big enough to allow for social distancing between players. Legally, we cannot ask for proof of vaccination, but we do expect our musicians to be fully vaccinated, especially because we play wind instruments. You will need an OLLI decal to park on campus, so be sure your membership is up-to-date. I will have more details on where to park and where to go as we get closer to Sept 28.

The university is moving forward in getting us a temperature-controlled pod for percussion storage, but this probably won’t happen in time for Dec. I’m asking our percussionists to contact me and/or Dave Carbone asap and let us know if you are able to bring any percussion to some rehearsals.

I realize that some of you are itching to get back, some of you are not ready to be in public, and some of you are still undecided. All of that is totally fine. But we need to get an idea on the number of people who are willing to return so that we can plan a program based on appropriate instrumentation. On Monday, I will be sending out an online survey that I’ll need your responses to. So please think about it over the weekend. We hope to begin rehearsals on Sept 28, which is less than 2 weeks away.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am. I realize delta is still out there, but I think with the proper precautions we can move ahead with getting our band back together safely. Talk soon!

Jaki Fesq
President LCCB



September 9, 2021,


Greetings LCCBers,

Thank you to all who attended the membership meeting on Sept 7. We successfully elected two officers to the Advisory Council. Kathleen Wendelken will continue as 1st VP, and we welcome Ann Bunnell as our new Treasurer. In addition, the proposed revisions to our Policies document were approved. You can view them on the Members Only section of our webpage with the password LCCB. We still need a volunteer to serve as VP of Operations; that is, the person responsible for renting/driving the truck to transport our equipment to and from concerts. Please think about it!!

I wish I had better news about our rehearsals, but the Delta variant continues to plague the area. USCB issued a mask mandate and social distancing for its students in the classroom making our chances of rehearsing back on campus slim to none for the time being. Other schools where we might rehearse are also having issues with covid in the classroom and are not permitting outside groups. Bottom line, we cannot do anything while Delta continues to spread in the area. If things turn around, we might still be able to begin rehearsals in October. But for now, all we can do is sit, wait, and stay well.

We are attempting to collect all LCCB music you might have and take a music stand inventory. Many thanks to those of you who are cooperating with these tasks.

I’d like to “clean up” this distribution list if possible. If you no longer wish to receive these emails from me, please let me know and I’ll remove you from the list.

Let’s end on a positive note! The Lowcountry Jazz Band has a concert scheduled for November 21, 4 pm, at the Church of the Palms. Let’s give them our support!

Stay well!

Jaki Fesq
President LCCB

August 2, 2021


Greetings musicians!

August already…where does the summer go? I don’t yet have firm information for you on our fall startup date, so just stay tuned. As soon as I have positive confirmation, I’ll let everyone know.

We are still hoping for a holiday concert in December this year; the AC is actively looking for a concert host. However, we do have 2 concerts already on the books for 2022! Both are at Magnolia Hall in Sun City. One is on April 11 and the other is on Dec 16 of NEXT year.

We will have elections in Sept for the positions of First VP and Treasurer. Anyone interested in running for either position should contact Carolyn Christy at Also in Sept, we have some minor revisions to our LCCB Policy document that will need approval by the membership. More info to follow. Our search for an Assistant Conductor will also take place in the fall.

In other news, the Lowcountry Jazz Band has been busy this past month. I appointed Rick Eckstein, Rich Orr, Steve Ryden, and Pete Stephenson to act as a search committee for a new director of the LJB. They recommended Mary Woodmansee Green for the position, and we welcome Mary to the LCCB family! The first rehearsal of the LJB is scheduled for Sept 14, 5 to 6:30 pm, at the Church of the Palms in Bluffton.

The LCCB flute choir, Flutes of the Lowcountry, has also been busy. Our 9 members provided music for two services at Lowcountry Presbyterian in July, and they will be playing at Memory Matters on Hilton Head at the end of the month.

The AC will meet on Tuesday Aug 10 at 7 pm. If you want to attend, let me know and I’ll send you a zoom link.

If you missed UNITED: A 4th of July Celebration, you can still catch it on our website And follow us on Facebook!

Stay cool!

Jaki Fesq
President LCCB


July 1, 2021


Happy 4th to all!

We did it! 5 months of hard work have resulted in UNITED: A 4th of July Celebration! We go live on Friday, July 2 at 7 pm. Be sure to tune in at and feel free to use the chat option. Forward the link to your friends and family. We had over 300 viewers for our December concert; let’s try to top that number this time around!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who worked on this project. It was truly Herculean in scope. But I think our result is even better than the December program. There are just too many people to name here, but please know that each and every one of you has helped to create a concert we can be proud of. I hope you all enjoy watching it.

If you haven’t yet heard, our assistant conductor David Hershey has accepted a job on the Production Management team of the Sarasota Orchestra and has moved to FL. I personally want to thank him for all the time, effort, and talent he has contributed to the LCCB for the past…10 years I think! We are sad to see him go, but wish him the best. Our search for a new assistant conductor will begin in the fall.

Speaking of the fall, we will be holding elections for the offices of 1st VP and Treasurer. Anyone interested in running for either position should contact me or Carolyn Christy ( I also need to appoint a new VP of Operations (someone who can rent and drive the truck for our equipment). If anyone has an interest, please contact me.

Remember to renew your membership in the LCCB if you’ve let it lapse, especially those of you participating in the virtual concert. You can renew at

or on our website at And don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at

Have a wonderful 4th and enjoy the summer!

Jaki Fesq
President LCCB

Response from David Carbone

Hello, Band!


Happy July, and best wishes for a fantastic 4th of July weekend to you and your family!  I hope that you are able to spend the holiday in happy, relaxing, safe, and celebratory ways!   My version of that is spending a vacation at Disney the following week with my brother’s family and mine.  That is unless “Elsa” decides to let it go on Florida, in which we would need to retreat into the unknown (puns intended).  I hope not.  It would be the first time in forever that we’ve been.  Well, happy to be in summer nonetheless! :). Please accept my apologies for that, and for the length of this belated email. 


I wanted to piggy-back on Jaqi’s sentiment regarding our upcoming concert - UNITED:  A 4th of July Celebration.  I am proud to be the conductor of a group that came together like this to put on an event like this.  It would have been easy to sit back and atrophy as musicians, or as an ensemble and we’d all have a legitimate excuse to do so.  No one would have faulted us. There is likely no one in this group that was not affected by the pandemic.  Yet, we found a way to focus on music as one of our many important coping mechanisms, and we went above the call to contribute to a collaborative effort that will more than entertain, but more importantly last as a memory, and an important part of the legacy of this ensemble for years to come.  I hope that it will mean the same to you and that you share in the pride, whether you were able to participate or not.  


Most of the recognition for this project, this “herculean” task must go to Jaqi, for she was the motivation and enthusiasm pursuing the virtual concerts in the first place.  Her efforts in organizing the editors, and of course all of us, deserves a rumbling of the feet!  Thanks, Jaqi!

The number of folks involved on this project is impressive, but I need to give special thanks to Bob McCluskey, our illustrious narrator, and to Dr. Michael Schwartzkoph, Professor Emeritus of Choral Music at Indiana University, our guest vocal artist.  


Dave Hershey served as sound editor for the woodwind chamber ensembles for this concert.  Most of you know Dave very well, as his involvement in the LCCB and the LCJB has been long-lasting, and his impact on us as a conductor and friend is undeniable. In his resignation note to the advisory board David wrote, and I don't think he'd mind me sharing:

I can not adequately express how much I have enjoyed being a part of the LCCB and LJB. I am amazed at the progress we have made over the years ‘13 when I joined. I have sincerely appreciated everyone’s patience as I got back to conducting CB and coaching the jazz band. It has truly been one fantastic ride. I am a LCCB fan for life!  - D.H.  


I consider Dave a good friend, and wish him all of the best in his move to Florida.  We will get to witness his impact on the Sarasota Orchestra, without a doubt!  Thanks, Dave and break a leg!  


We will be filling the conducting vacancy for Assistant Conductor of the LCCB this upcoming fall. The fact that the assistant conductor of the LCCB was also the director of the LJB was a unique one, so just know that is not a requirement for the next assistant conductor.  I know that the LJB is in the process of determining the band's next leader.  Please email me directly at if you are interested in being considered for the position of Assistant Conductor, or know someone that you would like to nominate.  If you have a nomination for the director of the LJB, or would like to nominate yourself, please contact Jaqi.  


As we all begin our enjoyment of summer, I want to again thank you all for your contributions to the band over the past 16 months, and for the years leading up.  There are exciting prospects for the band as we move out of the pandemic.  We are very close to finding a new rehearsal home for the band.  Information on that will become available as soon as arrangements are made.  The band has gained new members over the pandemic as well.  Join me in thanking and welcoming our new band members that joined us for this project, instrument order - Ann Bunnell (flute), Edward Smith (clarinet), Jennifer Villaquette (alto sax) and Victor Ney (percussion).  I am happy to announce that additional names have been added to the roster over the past several months as well.  Things seem to look increasingly positive for a return to relative normalcy in the fall.  Please SAVE THE DATE for our return to rehearsals - as we have in the past, the first Tuesday after Labor Day which is Tuesday, September 7th, 2021.  If we need to push back the start date we will.  Thank you for sticking with us, while we all got through it!  


Attached below is the Virtual Program again that includes the live link.  Also find them below.  Please copy/paste and share share these links with friends and family.  The "virtual countdown" begins at 6:45pm with our opening act - public domain music performed by the USMC President's Own Band.  The concert lobby is LIVE now.  Feel free to check in at any time and leave and/or respond to comments.  On the night of the concert, join us at 6:45pm for a pre-concert meet and greet and "virtual cocktails" during the countdown.  Also, the chat will be LIVE immediately following the concert for a virtual reception. Rumors of a possible Zoom reception are floating about, if so the link will be dropped in the chat during the concert.    


Happy of 4th of July, everyone.  Have a great summer!

Best Regards,

David Carbone

Artistic Director and Conductor

June 2, 2010



I want to thank all of you who take the time to read my monthly newsletters. I began writing them last fall as a way to keep us a little more connected during our year of isolation. I don’t expect too much news for the summer, so I’ll probably stop with the monthly emails. However, I PROMISE to write immediately when I get news about rehearsal space and start date for the fall.

For now, we are working diligently to finish the virtual concert in July. Attached to this email you will find promotional material (one jpg, one pdf), that you can share with friends and family. I hope to have a concert link available very soon.

The Advisory Council will be meeting on Tuesday June 8 at 7 pm via zoom. Anyone interested in attending can email me for the zoom link. If anyone is interested in being appointed our VP of Operations for the coming season, please let me know. The VP of Ops is basically responsible for renting the truck and getting the equipment (stands, percussion) to our concerts. That's IN-PERSON concerts, not virtual! 

Remember to renew your membership in the LCCB if you’ve let it lapse, especially those of you participating in the virtual concert. You can renew at

or on our website at And don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at


Jaki Fesq
President LCCB

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May 2, 2021

Welcome to May, LCCBers!

A big thanks to Carolyn Christy and Pam Cooper who tackled the LCCB music library over in the Hargray Building on the USCB campus in Bluffton. They organized, classified, sorted, cleaned, moved furniture, and who knows what else to get our music ready for when we head back to in-person rehearsals (TBA). It’s a big job, but so important to keep the LCCB running smoothly. If you are like me, you probably still have some of our music in your possession from the last rehearsal in March 2020. Hang on to it please until we are ready to collect it. Also, continue to hang on to those LCCB music stands that many of us took when we shut down last spring. I have two, and I have to admit they come in mighty handy!

Another big thanks to Jim Rutgers who maintains our website and serves as a first contact for people interested in joining the LCCB. Thanks to Jim, we’ve had interest from at least 7 new people in joining us in the fall. A few newbies have even jumped right into our virtual concert! So even with a year of shut-downs, the LCCB is still active.

Speaking of the virtual concert, most recordings are finished and most of the songs are in the hands of the editors. We’ve completed 4 of the 10 pieces planned for the concert that we are calling United: A Virtual Patriot Concert. We hope to be ready for the July 4 weekend; I’ll keep y’all posted!

The Advisory Committee will be meeting on Tuesday May 11 at 7 pm via zoom. Anyone interested in attending can email me for the zoom link. We continue to work on securing us a rehearsal space. Two positions on the Committee are up for election in the fall: First Vice President and Treasurer. If anyone wants to run for either of these positions, please let me know and we’ll get your name on the slate of candidates.

Remember to renew your membership in the LCCB if you’ve let it lapse, especially those of you participating in the virtual concert. You can renew at

or on our website at And don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at


Jaki Fesq
President LCCB

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April 1, 2021

April greetings to all, no joke! I hope everyone is looking forward to nicer weather and maybe a bit more freedom now that the vaccines are a reality. The LCCB Advisory Committee is still working on securing us a rehearsal space for the fall. As soon as I have news, I’ll let everyone know.

The Advisory Committee will be meeting on Tuesday April 13 at 7 pm via zoom. Anyone interested in attending can email me for the zoom link.

The only news for the month is that we are continuing our work on the virtual concert planned for the July 4 weekend. About half of our members have been busy recording their parts for a variety of all-band pieces and smaller chamber pieces. Jim Rutgers is working on the sound and video for 3 brass ensembles (with a solo singer!). Assistant Conductor Dave Hershey is doing sound editing for selections by a flute choir, a clarinet quartet, and a sax quartet. And our Conductor Dave Carbone is busy sound editing our recordings of the all-band pieces, including Americans We and the National Anthem. By the end of April, we hope to complete all recordings of The Stars and Stripes Forever and On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss. So even if you aren’t participating, please view the concert online when it becomes available in July. And talk your friends and family into watching! It's shaping up to be wonderful!

Remember to renew your membership in the LCCB if you’ve let it lapse, especially those of you participating in the virtual concert. You can renew at

or on our website at And don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at

Stay well!

Jaki Fesq
President LCCB

March 1, 2021

March greetings!

March 10 of this month marks the one-year anniversary of our last in-person rehearsal. Some of you might remember that Petri dish rehearsal we had in the log cabin out in Jasper Park last year. We are kinda lucky we didn’t become a super spreader event that night! Within a few days after that, the country went on lockdown…and thus began our new life living with Covid-19. Yes, it has been a trying year, but there is light on the horizon. I am hopeful that we will have a new home and can begin rehearsals again in the fall. Stay tuned. But until then, stay well, stay safe.

Work is currently underway for our second virtual concert planned for the July 4 weekend. Its theme will be “United”, and it promises to be more ambitious than the December concert. We will still have chamber groups of brass and woodwinds, but we also plan on presenting 4 pieces that will use all 35 people who have agreed to participate. This is a major undertaking, and our conductor, Dave Carbone, has created sound/click tracks and conducting videos for these pieces. I also realized that I need to keep track of 140 different videos (35 x 4)…yikes!!! So wish us luck as we try to put this together piece by piece.

Remember that we have yearly dues of $40 to be a member of the LCCB/OLLI. If you let your membership lapse or are joining us for the first time, please consider becoming a member for 2021. OLLI is the official sponsor of the concert, and the dues help to offset costs such as providing the platform for viewing and advertising for the entire OLLI community nationwide. (We had OLLI members from around the country viewing the holiday concert!) To pay your dues, go to the following website and click on the box that says “Become a Member”.

In addition to playing in the LCCB, membership dues allow you access to many other OLLI courses that are available, both in-person and online. Note that dues are waived for any high school students who perform with us.

You can also join through our website at Don’t forget to visit the members-only page (LCCB to get in).

Visit our Facebook page at  

Enjoy March! Nicer weather is coming....


Jaki Fesq
President LCCB

December 12, 2020

Greetings LCCB!

It is December already! Our concert is next week, Tuesday Dec 8 at 7 pm.

Virtualosity: A Holiday Concert Event

Be sure to Zoom in! In the next few days, you will receive an email invitation to the link for the concert and its program. Feel free to forward the email/link to your friends and family. Everyone is invited! You’ll need the Zoom app to watch, so remember to download it if you don’t yet have it.

Remember to visit our website at Check out the members-only page (LCCB) and verify your information. Any corrections should be sent to Jim Rutgers.

Like us at And share us!

The next meeting of the Advisory Committee is Tuesday Jan 5 at 7 pm via Zoom. Anyone interested in attending can contact me and I’ll send you the link. At our November meeting, we appointed Dee McNair as VP of Financial Development. Thank you Dee!

I don’t have too much else to report. We are exploring two possible rehearsal spaces, but nothing can be firmed up until the pandemic is over. After all, we are a large group that produces a lot of aerosols, so safety protocols are a major concern. Please know that your Advisory Committee is on top of this and we will let you know as soon as we have news. Our trigger date of Feb 23 (date to begin rehearsals for spring concert) remains unchanged at the moment. We will reassess early next year.

For now, enjoy the holidays! See you on Tuesday! Stay safe, stay well, and here’s to a new start in 2021!

As ever,

Jaki Fesq
President LCCB